Cheese "SPORT" 400 gr

Natural semi-hard cheese with a very low fat content.
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Cheese "Sporty" contains fewer calories, suitable for those who follow a diet. It is a useful and nutritious product that is recommended by most nutritionists and trainers when doing fitness. Cheese is easily digestible and has a high content of calcium and protein. Therefore, this cheese must be present in the diet of every cheese lover.

Cheese “Sporty” is an easy pleasure for those who seek a healthy lifestyle. Such cheeses are just a godsend for losing weight!

Energy value 945 kJ / 225 kcal.

Nutritional information, 100 g of product contains:

fat 9 g,

carbohydrates 2 g,

protein 36 g,

salt 0,9% g

Storage tº: 0 ºС +8 ºС;

Shelf life time: 90/180 days;