Smoked cheese with garlic Kadaka 300 gr

High-quality semi-hard cold smoked cheese with a characteristic smoky aroma.
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Natural garlic granules bring spicy-sharp flavor notes.

The cheese has an elastic texture, easily sliced. Ideal for sandwiches, appetizers, pizza, pasta and other delicious dishes. Grilled smoked cheese is especially original. And also we advise you to add it to vegetable or meat soup - you will get a dish with a smoke, you will feel the smell of the forest and a real fire.

Saaremaa cheeses are completely natural as they do not contain preservatives. The cheese is most fully revealed at room temperature, so before eating it needs to warm up a bit.

Ingredients: pasteurized milk, CaCl2 tannin, salt, starter, rennet, garlic 2%.

COMPOSITION 100g in product: 1378kJ / 334 kcal,

fats 26.0 g, of which: saturated fatty acids 17 g,

carbohydrates 0 g Of which sugars 0 g

Proteins 25.0 g salt 1.2 g

Storage + 2ºC to + 8ºC.

The expiration date is indicated on the package